Asset Tracking Software - Prevent High-Value Assets Theft

High-value truck consignments, vehicles, and equipment are prone to fraudulent theft or expropriation. Assets or equipment not reaching the intended recipient is a big nightmare. With the rising risks of theft of truck consignments, asset owners need virtual security tools like white label asset tracking software.

What is an Asset Tracking Software?

Asset management software is a tool that helps track the movement of a company’s assets of great value like consignments, vehicles, and goods in transit. The best asset tracking solutions provide real-time data on the location, status, and condition of assets, which helps companies optimise asset utilisation and avoid risks of theft and prevent downtime.

By harnessing the power of geospatial analytics, telematics, GSM, and IoT, the asset tracking system collects real-time asset movement and operational data or any anomalies during the route. Asset management software also helps companies to improve inventory management, reduce costs, and improve asset maintenance.

How Real-time Asset Tracking Software Prevents Asset/Vehicle Thefts?

The software compatible with the asset trackers assists in compiling highly accurate locational data for assets. This improves asset visibility, enables sending SoS alerts, and facilitates the swift recovery of assets. (in case any threat is detected).

  1. Real-time Asset Monitoring - 24*7

Real-time asset tracking software compatible with GPS asset trackers helps provide real-time visibility into assets (even in remote locations & during connection loss).

A smart real-time asset tracking software system works just like any GPS tracking software would.

  • The tracking devices or sensors are attached/mounted to the assets, vehicles, or equipment that require tracking.

  • The devices are further integrated with advanced asset-tracking software. The attached devices transmit locational data to the cloud.

  • The asset tracking software fetches the transmitted raw data from the cloud and converts it into an understandable format as tables, graphs, numbers, or charts (depending on the software vendor you choose).

  1. Route Optimisation

Asset tracking software helps generate the most optimised routes. The software helps plan, identify, and deploy the best possible combination of addresses by leveraging rich routing algorithms. The software is intelligent enough to assess tons of variables that could obstruct the journey, maybe traffic, roadblock, etc.

Asset managers can change the route in real time whenever they feel the decided path is isolated or risky to venture on.

  1. Instant Alerts for Different Scenarios

Asset tracking solutions are designed to provide real-time alerts whenever the asset appears prone to any danger or threat or display signs of any unusual activity. The asset tracking system with asset trackers gives options to set notifications or alerts for scenarios like:

  • Consignment deviating from its assigned route

  • Equipment idling for a very long time

  • PoD (proof of delivery) notifications whenever the consignment/good is delivered

  • Equipment crossing the marked geofences or reaching the point of interest

The best asset tracking solutions would offer the option to choose custom alerts for desired scenarios.

  1. Multi-modal Tracking

Chances of theft or expropriation of moving or non-moving assets like goods, consignments, and vehicles become more when assets carrying fleet size is huge. No matter how many vehicles or modes of transport are in action to drop a consignment to its destination, managers can get real-time updates on their location through such software. The best thing is whenever the asset is identified as idling or possessing any threat, the software shoots instant theft alarms.

  1. Vehicle Immobilization - Lock/Unlock Vehicle Remotely

Now asset owners can remotely immobilise or disable a vehicle or assets ignition. Whenever a suspicion or case of any theft or unauthorized use is identified, vehicle owners can lock the vehicle from a distance.

For that, a white label asset tracking software supporting the best GPS tracking devices featuring customizable ground switching digital outputs is a suitable choice. Various vehicle GPS tracking devices are available that help activate or configure remote vehicle immobilization to:

  • Act immediately whenever the vehicle is stopped for longer or is stolen

  • Improve stolen vehicle recovery rates

What to Look for in Best Asset Tracking Solutions Maximising Security?

The best asset management software is the one that offers full-suite asset tracking and monitoring capabilities all in one place. The user shouldn’t feel the need to switch between the app to fetch multiple information pertaining to consignment or goods in transit. The software when added with the best asset trackers should offer:

  • Comprehensive asset management solution.

  • Auto report generation on important metrics such as asset movement, location, status, idling, etc.

  • Live tracking of assets, consignments, vehicles, or goods in transit.

  • Route planning and optimisation.

  • Seamless integration with ERP, CRM, or other third-party software of choice.

  • Automated and customised alerts.

More than that, an asset tracking system or software should be compatible with advanced GPS devices, sensors, or other asset tracker hardware.

Final Thoughts!

Today, the most trusted asset tracking solutions enable companies to track and manage their assets for preventing thefts and maximising security. 

With the power of advanced telematics software, GPS tracking, easy-to-use geofences, route optimisation, and SOS alerts, real-time asset tracking software helps prevent theft, detect stolen assets, and reduce any consequential damage.

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